Pavers Project – 2nd Street

So far Hardscape Concepts is off to a great start this year, helping home and business owners upgrade their indoor and outdoor hardscapes. A significant one is the awesome transformation we did for the courtyard meeting area in a small commercial building in downtown Santa Monica.

Hardscape Concepts replaced an old brick patio that was uneven, separating from earth movement and roots from an old tree. We installed a sand jointed interlocking paver system. This revamped the look of the brick in shape, pattern, style, and color. Pavers are also great because the sand joint interlocking system is flexible and is great for earth movement. If a repair is ever needed, the pavers can be lifted and put back without causing any major destruction.

Take a look at the amazing before and after pictures on this wonderful transformation! The pavers were laid in a traditional basket weave pattern. It was then framed with a soldier style border pattern. Notice we also built a beautiful and decorative wall. This not only helps hide the utility boxes and wires, but also makes a great place to sit on a coffee or lunch break. We can also buid the same wall for a planter, fire pit, or to spruce up patio posts.

I can’t wait for the next transformation project by the Hardscape Concepts team!