Pavers Project – San Anseline

Hardscape Concepts is at it again! This time in the beautiful city of Long Beach. Hardscape Concepts’ hard working paver crew transformed a drab, lifeless, dirt back yard into a gorgeous, rest and relaxation living space.

We added about 1,700 square feet of Angelus’ Courtyard Pavers in the grey moss charcoal color with a inner boarder using the Holland stone in the solid charcoal color and matching grey moss charcoal outer border in a 6 x 12 paver stone. This design gives the pavers an overall look and feel of a matted and framed picture. The border was also laid with a beautiful, meandering, wavy design which helped give it a natural pathway look and feel. The Courtyard paver is a flat paver with a chamfered edge and it comes in a 4 stone kit.

The new patio space install where a dirt pad used to be is now a great place to eat, relax, and just enjoy the outdoors and the perfect California weather. Along with adding the paver patio space, we also installed a wonderful pergola patio cover. This cover is made of aluminum or alumi-wood material and is white in color. We designed a half solid and half open cover top. The solid portion is very sturdy and is fully insulated with foam. It is strong enough that a person can walk on it. The open section has scalloped edged support beams for a clean look. We also added electrical and support for a ceiling fan.